A poem by Paula Bonnell

   Monday June 26. I lift the fern’s hair and 
spray her soil.
   Tuesday June 27. I keep going to where the 
water-cooler used to be.
   Wednesday June 28. I tried to throw the hole away.
   Thursday June 29. Partly-blue rose leaves in 
the garden surrounding the newly-blue house.
   Friday June 30. The crows’ convention 
caucuses in trees and atop telephone poles.
   Saturday July 1. Watering, watering; 
watering. Watering.
   Sunday July 2. In my dream, the silver 
people (pens) rode in the grooves of records and 
they played, each his own. (The male includes 
the female, the female the male.)


Paula Bonnell’s poems have been published nationally (APR,The Hudson Review, Rattle and dozens more) and internationally(in Canada, England, India) as well as in four collections, including Airs & Voices, selected by poet and critic Mark Jarman for a Ciardi book publication prize. Find her at  www.paulabonnell.net

Photo by Fabrizio Conti

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