A poem by Peyton McGovern

After the Supernova

The Dark doesn’t feel real
until every star
kisses my hand
but even the brightest one’s
touch can not
help me overcome the
navy dust of
The Sweet
of a lunar world
that tries to
onto you.
Even in pure dark,
sleep is not easy
with the background music
of an extraterrestrial
how it feels to toss and turn
with the particles of
our cosmic memories
hidden in the
 of my pillowcase.


Peyton McGovern is a current senior at the University of Richmond studying Leadership, with a minor in Creative Writing and Education. When she is not doodling, drinking coffee, or writing poems, you can find her striding through the trails as she exercises her passion for running. Though Peyton presently lives in Massachusetts she hopes to travel far and wide throughout her lifetime, of course writing and learning as she goes.

Photograph courtesy of NASA

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