A poem by Hongri Yuan

我来自天外 来自那座白金巨城
时光甜美如酒  天国的宫殿

A Refreshing Breeze of the Dawn
I came from outer space,
came from the giant city of platinum.
My lines words of the gem
twinkling with the future interstellar smiles,
made the wings of your soul wake up from the dream
made you see yourself in outer space--
time was sweet as wine
the palaces of the Heavens were as brilliant as the flowers of gem
the music was a refreshing breeze of dawn that brightened the soul.


Hongri Yuan (b. 1962) is a Chinese mystic poet and philosopher. His poetry has been widely published in the UK, USA, India, New Zealand, Canada and Nigeria. He has authored a number books including Platinum City, The City of Gold, Golden Paradise, Gold Sun and Golden Giant.

Yuanbing Zhang (b. 1974), who is a Chinese poet and translator, works in a Middle School, Yanzhou District , Jining City, Shandong Province, China.

Photo by Adrien Converse

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